Pompeii, I Frankenkstein and Cuban Fury Reviews


There’s a few new movies opening here in Australia this week. Not the greatest batch but still worth talking about.



Another dreary, 3D supernatural action film that really wants to be the next big franchise but fails miserably. Not even reaching the levels of badness that it becomes a lot of fun again as it takes itself far too seriously. Bill Nighy phones it in, Yvonne Strahovski is the least believable scientist ever and Aaron Eckhart is inexplicably handsome for a guy stitched together from several people. This is one corpse that should of stayed in the ground.



Take Gladiator, throw in the classist love story from titanic, a volcano and Game of Throne’s Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) with the direction of the guy who did the Resident Evil series and you have a pretty clear picture of this film. I will say it wasn’t as terrible as I anticipated, it’s nowhere near the depths of I Frankenstein, but it’s not a particularly good film either. Kit does a decent job in his first lead role and Kiefer Sutherland is a lot of fun chewing the scenery and trying to keep his accent up as the villain. Otherwise it’s predictable and the action is so-so.



This one deserves a look just based off the cast alone. Nick Frost, Rashida Jones and Chris O’Dowd are big favourites of mine in the comedy world. This one is a fun romantic comedy about a man reconnecting with his love of competitive salsa dancing to woo the new lady in his life. It’s completely silly but is entertaining the whole way and has a lot of heart. O’Dowd is a lot of fun as the sleazy competition and Frost carries his first real solo outing without Simon Pegg rather well. Great date flick.

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